Liverpool Irish Patriots Republican Flute Band


We are an Irish Republican marching band, based in Liverpool. We are named in honour of the many Liverpool Irish Patriots who have contributed to the cause of Irish freedom over the years. We salute the Liverpool Irish republican volunteers, the poets, political activists, writers and singers, sportsmen and women, community workers, artists and Irish language activists. We remember the many unsung heroes who kept the Liverpool Irish identity alive through the most difficult of times. All have contributed to shaping, maintaining and developing the unique Liverpool Irish identity that we cherish and celebrate today.

Our band has two main aims:
1. To support the campaign for the peaceful reunification of Ireland
2. To promote and celebrate the culture and identity of the Liverpool Irish community. We will work to support these aims through parades, events and other activities both on Merseyside and throughout Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England.

Membership of the Liverpool Irish Patriots RFB is open to anyone who shares our beliefs, passions and aspirations. If you are willing to learn an instrument or contribute in any way to the Band, get in touch!

We support the ongoing campaign for Irish unity and the establishment of a democratic 32 county socialist republic. We support the political campaigning work of Cairde na hEireann and the James Larkin Society.

We support the cause of political independence for Scotland and Wales. We are not anti-English. However, we totally reject the false construct of "Britishness". For us the Union flag is a butcher's apron representing centuries of colonial rule and exploitation. We extend the hand of friendship to the many progressive groups and individuals in England who also reject the dead hand of a crumbling "Britishness".

We extend our solidarity to all peoples and communities resisting colonialism, imperialism and exploitation. In particular we express our support for the cause of Basque and Palestinian freedom and independence.

We reject all forms of racism, bigotry and sectarianism. We are not a 'green' version of loyalism and the Orange Order. We are Socialist Republicans and as such, we extend the hand of friendship and respect to all communities and cultural groups and we look forward to building a shared future based on mutual respect and support.

We are the Liverpool Irish. Our Irishness is as valid and real as that of the residents of Limerick , Lurgan or Leitrim. We are the children of the Irish diaspora. We reject any notion of Irish communities abroad being dismissed as "plastic paddies".

"Saoirse Go Deo"